NBAC Intramural Game Rules

Game Rules for the NBAC Basketball Intramurals

Rules for Coaches, Players, Game, Specific Divisions & Officiating

Coaches Rules:

All coaches are encouraged to have an assistant coach if possible.

Coaches shirts must be worn during games.

All coaches will be responsible for assigning their team's team mom.

Coaches are also encouraged to inform parents of our long term visions and what we are looking to accomplish this season. Feel free to share these rules with your parents.

No balls will be allowed in the gym during game night. All coaches will be given a sufficient number of practice  and game balls. Please make all parents and children aware of this rule.

If you are the final game of the evening, it is the responsibility of both coaches to make sure all gyms are left clean and all bleacher seating put away.

The coaches should be the last person's to leave the gym.

Any issues you can not resolve on your own should be brought to the attention of your Divisional Leader

At the coaches discretion, if a player is not attending scheduled practices on a regular basis, the player can be made to sit out the first 1/2 of a game. This rule is being implemented to teach the child the importance of practice for themselves as well as for the team. Parents are advised to always contact a coach, if a player will not be attending practice or a game. 

Game Rules That Apply to ALL:

There will be six 5 minute running clock quarters per game. THe first three quarters will be the 1st half and the second 3 quarters will be considered the second half.The clock will stop on foul shots in the first 5 quarters and on all whistles in the final quarter. Each team must make full substitutions in the first 4 quarters and free substitutions in the final two quarters. Each player must play a minimum of two full quarters. No player will be permitted to play in three straight quarters. It will be up to the coaches to make sure these rules are adhered to. The referees will also be made aware of this rule and will also inforce it accordingly. Referees will overide the coaches if there is a discrepancy. 

 Each team must make full substitutions at the end of the 1st four quarters. You can not make substitutions during these quarters. Every player mudst paly at least 2 full quarters at a minimum. No player can play 3 consecutive quarters. If you have 7 or less players, you will be forced to play players in 3 consecutive quarters. You should not be rewarded for having less players. In this situation, you can play a player in 3 consecutve quarters however that player can not be the teams top 3 players. The opposing teams coach can refuse to let the player chosen to play in 3 consecutive quarters if they feel the player is a top 3. The offending team will need to pick another player.

There will be a 5 minute half time intermission

All AAU game rules apply except if noted here as part of these rules.

Each team will have 3 full timeouts per game.  Coaches or players can request a timeout.

All games must start on time.  All coaches are encouraged to have players show up 15 to 30 minutes  before each game. If a team can not put the required minimum number of players on the court within the 15 minute grace period, the game will still be played with the team playing short handed.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will a player from any team be allowed to play for another team anytime during the season even if the opposing coach agrees to it. The game will be forfeited by both teams. 

Players and coaches will maintain proper conduct at all times. If in the discretion of the referee that a player or coach is acting in an inappropriate manner, the referee at his discretion can call a technical foul. If the inappropriate conduct continues, a second technical foul will be called. Either player and or coach will be thrown out of the game on the second technical foul. 

If the game ends in a tie, the game will go into sudden death. There will be a 2 minute overtime period. The clock will stop on all whistles. Each team will be awarded one time out in overtime. Any time outs not used in regulation play will not be carried into overtime. If after the overtime the teams are still tied, the game will end and each team will be credited with a tie.

For the start of the game, possession will be determined by a jump ball. All possessions in the next 5 quarters will be awarded to the team that had possession when the prior quarter ended. Posession in overtime will be decided by a jump ball. If there are multiple overtime periods, posession will alternate starting with the team that did not win posession in the first overtime.

All players are required to wear their uniform during game play. If a player forgets to wear their uniform, they will be allowed to play as long as they wear sneakers and shorts and a shirt color that is not in conflict with the opposing teams color. 

All games will consist of an official time clock and score keeper. Each team can also keep there own score however the official scorekeeper will prevail unless a) both coaches agree that the official scorekeeper is incorrect or b) the official scorer agrees that a mistake was made, then the coaches will prevail.The referee can override the official scorekeeper and coaches at referees discretion. The official scorer will not keep individual scoring statistics. 

If requested by a home team coach, the visiting team coach will be required to put their starting players on the court first before the start of the game and at the beginning of the second half.

Once the game schedule is destributed each coach will have 48 hours to have a game or game rescheduled due to a scheduling conflict. After that time period, the schedule will be final. Once the schedule is final, we will only allow a reschedule of a game as long as the opposing coach agrees and there are available courts, otherwise the team will need to forfeit.

All girls will play down one grade level unless it is agreed by the commissioner for them to play at or above their grade level. 

Any rule can be changed, deleted or added at anytime during the season if agreed upon by all coaches within the division and approved by the commissioner.

All coaches will be provided with a first aid kit. The kit must be present at all practices and games.

Specific RULES for Peewee, Ponys and JV:

Man to man and zone defense will be allowed. Ponys, JV

Man to Man and zone defense will be allowed however, the defensive team must drop back on a change of posession. Another words, they will be in a 1/2 court defense. No pressing. PeeWee

Junior size ball will be used (27.5) Peewee

There will be no stealing of the ball off a dribble. Stealing will be permitted on passes and loss of control of the ball.  PeeWee

Block shots are permitted. PeeWee

Double teaming is not permitted however if the player is driving to the basket, the defending team can help out even though it appears to look like a double team.  PeeWee

For the first three games of the season, the ref will call traveling as a warning and the offensive team will keep possession of the ball. Starting the 4th week, all traveling will be called as a violation. PeeWee

Fast breaks will only be permitted off a steal of the ball. Otherwise, the defense must drop back and then the offense can advance the ball.  PeeWee

If there are 30 seconds or less left in the game, and the team with the lead has the ball, the time clock will not start until the ball crosses the half court line. For example : There are 33 seconds left in the game and the ball is inbounded, the clock will stop at 30 seconds and stay stopped until the team with the lead crosses the 1/2 court line. This rule does not apply to the team that is behind but it will apply if the game is tied. In addition, the player with the ball must make a pass or a shot within 10 seconds. The 10 second clock will restart after each pass or shot. If not, posession will be awarded to the opposing team. PeeWee

Each team will have 10 seconds to get the ball across the 1/2 court line. PeeWee

Foul shots will be taken from the foul line. For weaker players, the coach can request that the player move one step closer to the rim. PeeWee

If a player shooting a free throw “violates” the foul line by either landing on it or over it, this does not constitute a foul line violation.  The player must start from beyond the foul line, but landing on or over it is acceptable, and play continues. Ponys

Games will be played on regulation baskets in the larger gyms. JV  

Regulation size ball will be used (29.5) JV

Intermediate size ball will be used (28.5) Ponys

There will only be one ref per game on the smaller rim courts. PeeWee 

Three second rule will apply. JV

Three second rule will not apply. Peewee

Five second rule will apply. Pony's

Games will be played on regulation baskets in the smaller gyms. Ponys

Games will be played on smaller baskets in the smaller gyms. Peewee

Two Certified Referees per game however if we can not obtain two officials for the game, then one official will ref the game. Ponys, JV

Officiating Rules:
In general, all calls will be made however they will be made with discretion with the intent of teaching the kids the right way to play the game. Fouls in the act of shooting should be awarded free throws. PeeWee

If a coach calls a timeout with no time outs available, a  technical foul will be called. Applies to ALL

Coaches will not be responsible for the conduct of the parents. If a parent is being disruptive to the game as decided by the ref, the ref will ask the coach to talk to the parent. This will be in the form of a warning. If the parent continues to be disruptive, the referee at his or her discretion can call a team technical foul against a parent and the same rules will apply that apply to players and coaches. Applies to ALL

All referees must notify the Head of Referees of all inappropriate conduct (technical's).. The Head of Referees at his discretion may notify the commissioner to take further action. Actions include but not limited to a warning, suspension or ejection from the league. Applies to ALL

Each Team will be allowed 7 team fouls for the first three quarters (1st half) and for the last three quarters (2nd Half) of the game before they will be eligible to shoot one and one. They will be allowed 3 additional team fouls in each half before they will be in a bonus situation. The bonus will beging on the 11th team fould of each half.  Each player will be allowed 5 personal fouls. On the 6th personal foul, the player will have fouled out of the game.  Applies to ALL

If a flagrant foul is called, the shooter will shoot two shots and keep posession of the ball. Applies to ALL

If any rules are considered subjectional, contradictory or absent, the ruling by the referee will prevail. Applies to ALL

Players Rules:

Players can not where jewelery of any kind during the game.  Applies to ALL

If a player is fouled out of the game and the team is unable to keep the minimum # of players on the court, the player can continue to play the game however any fouls committed by that player will be considered a technical foul ( 2 shots and possession of the ball to the opposing team). Applies to ALL

Playoffs In the Peewee division all teams make the playoffs.  The 1st and 2nd place finishers will get a bye. In the Pony division the 9th place team will not make the playoffs. In the JV division all teams will make the playoffs with the 1st place team getting a bye. For all divisions, first seed will then play the last seated, 2nd will next to last etc, etc. The winners will play each other for the championship. If there is a tie in the standings, the seed will be determine on who had a better head to head record. If still tied, than the team with the most points scored for the season will prevail. A third tie breaker will be determined by a coin toss.

All rules during the season will apply in the playoffs except that the games can not end in a tie. Applies to ALL